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Do you aspire to attend a university abroad but need support with your entry requirements? Are you willing to live in a homestay to improve your English language skills?

If yes, then the fully sponsored RizeUp 2 + 2 (or 1 + 3) program is for you. It gives you the opportunity to study for two years at a community college in the United States and Canada, followed by two years at an international university to earn a degree. In Australia and New Zealand, you can do one year of a foundation program, followed by three years at an international university to earn a degree

We will also provide up to one year of ESL (English as a Second Language) training abroad if necessary.

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Auburn, WA, USA

Green River College

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Toronto, ON, Canada

Humber College

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Orlando, FL, USA

Valencia College

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Affiliate Homestay Programs

Expand your horizons with a homestay

While studying in the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, students are required to reside in a local home as a family member for the duration of their community college/foundation studies. Homestays will be provided through such reputable organizations as:

Got Questions?

A community college is designed to support your pathway towards university admission by developing your academic profile. A community college generally offers two-year associate degrees or diplomas. Universities offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorates.

Upon completing community college, you will earn an associate degree or diploma. These credits can then be transferred towards a bachelor’s degree at an international university.

For your years of study at a community college or foundation program, you will live with a local family, vetted by a reputable homestay organization.

Homestays promote international understanding and cultural exchange while ensuring a clean, safe, and welcoming environment. Homestays also give you the opportunity to improve your English, meet new people, participate in family outings, and have a positive academic and cultural experience.

Yes, you are required to commit to a homestay for the full duration you attend a community college.

The RizeUp program is potentially five years in duration: one year of language preparation (if needed), followed by the 2 + 2 or 1 + 3 pathway.

The RizeUp (Khotwa) program is a full-ride scholarship, covering tuition and living expenses for the one year of ESL (If required), two years of community college and the two years of university.